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Publications 2008

Publications supported by NIM 2008

Single-Molecule Dynamics of Mechanical Coiled-Coil Unzipping

Authors: T. Bornschlögl and M. Rief

Areas: H

Magazine: Langmuir 24, 4, 1338 (2008)

A singular perturbation approach to the steady-state 1D Poisson-Nernst-Planck modelling

Authors: I. D. Kosinska, I. Goychuk, M. Kostur, G. Schmid, and P. Hänggi

Areas: H

Magazine: Acta Physica Polonica B 39 (5), 1137-1160 (2008)

Rectification in synthetic conical nanopores: a one-dimensional Poisson-Nernst-Planck model

Authors: I. D. Kosinska, I. Goychuk, M. Kostur, G. Schmid, and P. Hänggi

Areas: H

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 77, 031131 (2008)

Comparing Proteins by their Unfolding Pattern

Authors: E. M. Puchner, G. Franzen and H. E. Gaub

Areas: H

Magazine: Biophysical Journal 95, 1, 426 (2008)

Velocity oscillations in actin-based motility

Authors: A. Gholami, M. Falcke, E. Frey

Areas: H, I

Magazine: New J. Phys. 10, 033022 (2008)

Entropic particle transport in periodic channels

Authors: P. S. Burada, G. Schmid, P. Talkner, P. Hänggi, D. Reguera, and J. M. Rubi

Areas: F, H

Magazine: Biosystems 93, 16–22 (2008)

Dynamic Strength of the Silicon-Carbon Bond Observed Over Three Decades of Force-Loading Rates

Authors: Sebastian W. Schmidt, Martin K. Beyer and Hauke Clausen-Schaumann

Areas: H

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 11, 3664 (2008)

Low-Temperature Spectral Dynamics of Single TDI Molecules in n-Alkane Matrixes

Authors: Mackowski S., Wörmke S., Bräuchle C.

Areas: H

Magazine: J. Fluoresc. 18, (2008), 625

Structure of Eukaryotic RNA Polymerases

Authors: P. Cramer, K.J. Armache, S. Baumli, S. Benkert, F. Brueckner, C. Buchen, G.E. Damsma, S. Dengl, S.R. Geiger, A.J. Jasiak, A. Jawhari, S. Jennebach, T. Kamenski, H. Kettenberger, C.-D. Kuhn, E. Lehmann, K. Leike, J.F. Sydow, and A. Vannini

Areas: H

Magazine: Annu. Rev. Biophys. 37, 337-352 (2008)

Single-Molecule Cut-and-Paste Surface Assembly

Authors: S. K. Kufer, E. M. Puchner, H. Gumpp, T. Liedl, H. E. Gaub

Areas: H

Magazine: Science 319, 5863, 594 (2008)

Anomalous finite-size effects in the Battle of the Sexes

Authors: J. Cremer, T. Reichenbach, E. Frey

Areas: H

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. B 63, 3, 373-380 (2008)

Excited state dynamics in pyrrole–water clusters: First-principles simulation

Authors: I. Frank and K. Damianos

Areas: H

Magazine: Chem. Phys. 343, 2-3, 347 (2008)

Microtubule dynamics depart from the wormlike chain model

Authors: K. Taute, F. Pampaloni, E. Frey, and E.-L. Forin

Areas: H

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 028102 (2008)

Micro- and Macrorheological Properties of Isotropically Cross-Linked Actin Networks

Authors: Y. Luan, O. Lieleg, B. Wagner and A.R. Bausch

Areas: H

Magazine: Biophysical Journal 94, 2, 688 (2008)

Diffusion of Oriented Single Molecules with Switchable Mobility in Networks of Long Unidimensional Nanochannels

Authors: Jung C., Kirstein J., Platschek B., Bein T., Budde M., Frank I., Müllen K., Michaelis J., Bräuchle C.

Areas: H

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 5, 1638 (2008)

Single-molecule tracking of mRNA exiting from RNA polymerase II

Authors: Joanna Andrecka, Robert Lewis, Florian Brückner, Elisabeth Lehmann, Patrick Cramer, and Jens Michaelis

Areas: H

Magazine: PNAS 105, 1, 135 (2008)

Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence of Chlorophylls in Single Light-Harvesting Complexes

Authors: Mackowski S., Wörmke S., Maier A.J., Brotosudarmo T.H.P., Harutyunyan H., Hartschuh A., Govorov A.O., Scheer H., Bräuchle C.

Areas: H

Magazine: Nano Lett. 8, 2, 558 (2008)

Single-Molecule Measurement of the Strength of a Siloxane Bond

Authors: Schwaderer P., Funk E., Achenbach F., Weis J., Bräuchle C., Michaelis J.

Areas: H

Magazine: Langmuir 24, 4, 1343 (2008)

The structure and functionality of contractile forisome protein aggregates

Authors: M. S. Jaeger, K. Uhlig, H. Clausen-Schaumann, and C. Duschl

Areas: H

Magazine: Biomaterials, (2008), 29, 247-256

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