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Monday, 19 November, 2018

New Honors for Peter Hänggi


Prof Dr Dr h.c. mult. Picture: P. Hänggi

Prof Dr Dr h.c. mult. Picture: P. Hänggi

Prof Dr Dr h.c. mult. Peter Hänggi was awarded two important honors: The NIM-physicist received the Smoluchowski-Warburg-Prize 2019 of the German Physical Society (DPG) and was appointed Honorary Professor of the Huaqiao University in China.

The research of the theoretical physicist Professor Dr Dr h.c. mult. Opens external link in new windowPeter Hänggi at the University of Augsburg covers stochastic resonance, Brownian motors, thermodynamics and various transport mechanisms such as diffusion processes.

Smoluchowski-Warburg-Prize 2019
The German Physical Society (DPG) and the Polish Physical Society awarded Hänggi with the Smoluchowski-Warburg-Prize 2019. This award is assigned every two years alternating to a German or Polish physicist in acknowledgement of outstanding achievements in physics or applied physics.

In the laudation it was stated: “…in recognition of his pioneering and lasting contributions on the beneficial role of fluctuations in statistical mechanics in and out of equilibrium… especially in the context of artificial Brownian motors, the phenomenon of stochastic resonance, the characterization of relativistic Brownian motions, the relativistic thermodynamic theory and fundamental research of quantum thermodynamics.”

The Meyer-Viol-Foundation helped to establish the German-Polish Award. Besides the prize money of 3,000 Euro, Professor Hänggi will receive a certificate and a silver medal with portraits of Marian von Smoluchowski and Emil Warbug during an official ceremony in Poland in 2019.

Honorary Professor of the Huaqiao University
To complement his ten honorary doctorates, Hänggi received the title Honorary Professor. The certificate of the Huaqiao University was awarded to him in Xiamen, China on November 02, 2018.
The Huaqiao University is located at Xiamen and Quanzhou, both in the Fujian province. It is a renowned university and was successful at several National Challenge Cups in academic, scientific and technological fields. It comprises 19 faculties and offers numerous PhD, Master and Bachelor Programs.

Technology Transfer Prize 2019 for Nanotemper Technologies GmbH
We are also happy to mention that the NIM and CeNS Spin-off company Nanotemper Technologies GmbH was awarded with the Technology Transfer Prize 2019 of the DPG: “… for the outstanding development of the microscale thermophoresis which could help to analyze extremely low amounts of therapeutic compounds in the natural environments, for the successful transfer of this technology into a university spin-off company, and for its economic utilization in the field of drug development.”

The Prize will be handed over at the DGP Annual Meeting 2019 in Rostock. (IA)

Further infromation:
Opens external link in new windowwww.dpg-physik.de/preise/preistraeger_sw.html
Opens external link in new windowwww.dpg-physik.de/preise/preistraeger_ttp.html

Opens external link in new windowwww.dpg-physik.de/preise/preistraeger2019.html

Prof Dr Dr h.c. mult. Peter Hänggi
Physics Department
Universität Augsburg
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86135 Augsburg

Phone: +49 (0)821-598-3250

E-mail: Opens window for sending emailHanggi(at)physik.uni-augsburg.de 

Web: Opens external link in new window www.physik.uni-augsburg.de/theo1/hanggi/


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