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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Biomedical Nanotechnologies

Area 5 - Biomedical Nanotechnologies

Coordinator: Prof. Ernst Wagner

Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Christian Plank

Principal Investigators:

TUM A. Bausch, V. Ntziachristos, C. Plank, F. Simmel
LMU T. Bein, D. Braun, T. Carell, J. Feldmann, D. Lamb, H. Leonhardt, T. Liedl, O. Merkel, J. Rädler, C. Rudolph, P. Tinnefeld, A. Vollmar, E. Wagner

Biomedical nanotechnologies - Research at NIM

The focus of Research Area V is the application of nanosystems in living cells and organisms for targeting therapies to affected tissues. Nanosized drug delivery systems are developed that encompass multiple functionalities for a given drug to accumulate in a target tissue and to exert a pharmacological effect specifically on target cells. In their research, the NIM scientists cover the entire process from development of the nanocarriers to first use in clinical trials.

Mesoporous silica nanoparticles are an example of materials that can be effectively loaded with drugs and programmed to release them in a target tissue. Another fundamental factor for the successful development of delivery systems are the numerous high-resolution nanoscopy methods established in NIM. They provide tools for the scientists to observe the particles on their journey, their penetration into cells and their interactions in biological systems. Nanoscopy technologies within NIM comprise, among others, complex 3-D renderings, single particle tracking and opto-acoustic imaging.

One focus of current interest are drugs based on RNA structures (among others, siRNA, miRNA and SNIM RNAs). Another focus of research are biogenic cancer drugs.First pre-clinical trials for treating lung diseases are already under way, conducted by the Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC) at the LMU hospital in Großhadern.

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