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Broken detailed balance and non-equilibrium dynamics in living systems: a review

Authors: F.S. Gnesotto, F. Mura, J. Gladrow, and C.P. Broedersz

Areas: 4

Magazine: Rep. Prog. Phys. 81(6): 066601 (2018)

Looping and clustering model for the organization of protein-DNA complexes on the bacterial genome

Authors: J-C. Walter, J. Dorignac , F. Geniet, J. Palmeri, A. Parmeggiani, N.S. Wingreen, C.P. Broedersz

Areas: 4

Magazine: New J. Phys. 20(3): 035002 (2018)

The PomXYZ Proteins Self-Organize on the Bacterial Nucleoid to Stimulate Cell Division

Authors: Schumacher D, Bergeler S, Harms A, Vonck J, Huneke-Vogt S, Frey E, Søgaard-Andersen L

Areas: 4

Magazine: Developmental Cell 41 (3), 299-314 (2017)

Guiding 3D cell migration in deformed synthetic hydrogel microstructures

Authors: M. Dietrich, H. Le Roy, D.B. Brückner, H. Engelke, R. Zantl, J.O. Rädler, C.P. Broedersz

Areas: 4

Magazine: Soft Matter 14(15), 2816-2826 (2018)

Breaking detailed balance at the mesoscale in active biological systems

Authors: C. Battle*, C.P. Broedersz*, N. Fakhri*, V.F. Geyer, J. Howard, C.F. Schmidt, F.C. MacKintosh

Areas: 4

Magazine: Science 352, 604–607 (2016)

Effects of Fluorophore Attachment on Protein Conformation and Dynamics Studied by spFRET and NMR Spectroscopy

Authors: Sanchez-Rico, C., Voith von Voithenberg, L., Warner, L., Lamb, D.C., and Sattler, M.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Chemistry 23, 14267-14277, 2017

Directional Photonic Wire Mediated by Homo-Forster Resonance Energy Transfer on a DNA Origami Platform

Authors: Nicoli, F., Barth, A., Bae, W., Neukirchinger, F., Crevenna, A.H., Lamb, D.C., and Liedl, T.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: ACS nano 11, 11, 11264-11272, 2017

Covalent dye attachment influences the dynamics and conformational properties of flexible peptides

Authors: Luitz, M.P., Barth, A., Crevenna, A.H., Bomblies, R., Lamb, D.C., and Zacharias, M.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: PloS one 12, e0177139, 2017

Monitoring integrity and localization of modified single-stranded RNA oligonucleotides using ultrasensitive fluorescence methods

Authors: Heissig, P., Schrimpf, W., Hadwiger, P., Wagner, E., and Lamb, D.C.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: PloS one 12, e0173401, 2017

Protein-mediated RNA folding governs sequence-specific interactions between rotavirus genome segments

Authors: Borodavka, A., Dykeman, E.C., Schrimpf, W., and Lamb, D.C.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: eLife 2017;6:e27453

DOI: 10.7554/eLife.27453

Analyzing the Dynamics of Single TBP-DNA-NC2 Complexes Using Hidden Markov Models

Authors: Zarrabi, N., Schluesche, P., Meisterernst, M., Borsch, M., and Lamb, D.C.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Biophys J 115, 2310-2326, 2018

Single Pair Forster Resonance Energy Transfer: A Versatile Tool To Investigate Protein Conformational Dynamics

Authors: Voith von Voithenberg, L., and Lamb, D.C.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Bioessays, 40, 3, 1700078, 2018

Crosstalk-free multicolor RICS using spectral weighting

Authors: Schrimpf, W., Lemmens, V., Smisdom, N., Ameloot, M., Lamb, D.C., and Hendrix, J

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Methods 140-141, 97-111, 2018

Chemical diversity in a metal-organic framework revealed by fluorescence lifetime imaging

Authors: Schrimpf, W., Jiang, J., Ji, Z., Hirschle, P., Lamb, D.C., Yaghi, O.M., and Wuttke, S.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Nat Commun 9, 1647, 2018

PAM: A Framework for Integrated Analysis of Imaging, Single-Molecule, and Ensemble Fluorescence Data

Authors: Schrimpf, W., Barth, A., Hendrix, J., and Lamb, D.C.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Biophys J 114, 1518-1528, 2018

Bap (Sil1) regulates the molecular chaperone BiP by coupling release of nucleotide and substrate

Authors: Rosam, M., Krader, D., Nickels, C., Hochmair, J., Back, K.C., Agam, G., Barth, A., Zeymer, C., Hendrix, J., Schneider, M., Antes, I., Reinstein, J., Lamb, D.C., and Buchner, J.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Nat Struct Mol Biol 25, 90-100, 2018

Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements-a multi-laboratory benchmark study

Authors: Hellenkamp, B, Schmid, S, Doroshenko, O, Opanasyuk, O, Kuhnemuth, R, Rezaei Adariani, S, Ambrose, B,..., Tinnefeld, P, Tyagi, S, Vandenberk, N, Vera, AM, Weninger, KR, Wunsch, B, Yanez-Orozco, IS, Michaelis, J, Seidel, CAM, Craggs, TD, Hugel, T

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Nat Methods 15, 669-676, 2018

Transcriptional effects of actin-binding compounds: the cytoplasm sets the tone

Authors: Gegenfurtner, F.A., Zisis, T., Al Danaf, N., Schrimpf, W., Kliesmete, Z., Ziegenhain, C., Enard, W., Kazmaier, U., Lamb, D.C., Vollmar, A.M., and Zahler, S.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Cell Mol Life Sci, 75, 24, 4539–4555, 2018

Stability of local secondary structure determines selectivity of viral RNA chaperones

Authors: Bravo, J.P.K., Borodavka, A., Barth, A., Calabrese, A.N., Mojzes, P., Cockburn, J.J.B., Lamb, D.C., and Tuma, R.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Nucleic Acids Res 46, 7924-7937, 2018

Dynamic interactions of type I cohesin modules fine-tune the structure of the cellulosome of Clostridium thermocellum

Authors: Barth, A., Hendrix, J., Fried, D., Barak, Y., Bayer, E.A., and Lamb, D.C.

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115, E11274-E11283, 2018

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