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Publications 2012

Publications supported by NIM 2012

Mediator phosphorylation prevents stress response transcription during non-stress conditions

Authors: Miller C, Matic I, Maier K, Schwalb B, Roether S, Straesser K, Tresch A, Mann M, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: J Biol Chem. 2012 Dec 28;287(53):44017-26

Increasing organic solar cell efficiency with polymer interlayers

Authors: Deschler F., Riedel D., Ecker B., Da Como E., von Hauff E., MacKenzie R.

Areas: 3

Magazine: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., Advance Article, (2012)

Direct and dynamic detection of HIV-1 in living cells

Authors: 16. Helma J, Schmidthals K, Lux V, Nüske S, Scholz A, Rothbauer U, Kräusslich HG and Leonhardt H

Areas: 5

Magazine: PLoS One, 2012 Nov, 7, e50026

From a Ratchet Mechanism to Random Fluctuations Evolution of Hsp90's Mechanochemical Cycle

Authors: C. Ratzke, M. N. T. Nguyen, M. P. Mayer, T. Hugel

Areas: 4

Magazine: J.Mol.Biol. , 423,3,462 (2012)

On the relationship between peptide adsorption resistance and surface contact angle: A combined experimental and simulation single-molecule study

Authors: N. Schwierz, D. Horinek, S. Liese, T. Pirzer, B. Balzer, T. Hugel, R. Netz

Areas: 4

Magazine: JACS, 134, 19628 (2012)

Surface acoustic wave driven ferromagnetic resonance in nickel thin films: Theory and experiment

Authors: L. Dreher, M. Weiler, M. Pernpeintner, H. Huebl, R. Gross, M. S. Brandt, S. T. B. Goennenwein

Areas: 2

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B (2012). Published online 17 October 2012

Enzyme-modified electrolyte-gated organic field-effect transistors

Authors: F. Buth, A. Donner, M. Stutzmann, and J.A. Garrido

Areas: 5

Magazine: Proc. SPIE 8479, Organic Semiconductors in Sensors and Bioelectronics V, 84790M (2012)

Label-Free Microscale Thermophoresis Discriminates Sites and Affinity of Protein–Ligand Binding

Authors: Susanne A. I. Seidel, Christoph J. Wienken, Sandra Geissler, Moran Jerabek-Willemsen, Stefan Duhr, Alwin Reiter, Dirk Trauner, Dieter Braun, and Philipp Baaske

Areas: 4

Magazine: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, Volume 51, Issue 42, p. 10656-10659

Transport and dephasing in a quantum dot: Multiply connected graph model

Authors: M. Treiber, O. Yevtushenko, J. von Delft

Areas: 1

Magazine: Annalen der Physik, 524, 188-198 (2012)

Successive Spray Deposition of P3HT/PCBM Organic Photoactive Layers: Material Composition and Device Characteristics

Authors: A. Abdellah, K. S. Virdi, R. Meier, M. Döblinger, P. Müller-Buschbaum, C. Scheu, P. Lugli, and G. Scarpa

Areas: 3

Magazine: Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 22, Issue 19, 4078–4086 (2012)

Magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Authors: Pfeifer, A., K. Zimmermann and C. Plank

Areas: 5

Magazine: Pharm Res 29(5): 1161-1164

Size-selected sub-nanometer cluster catalysts on semiconductor nanocrystal films for atomic scale insight into photocatalysis

Authors: M. Berr, F. Schweinberger, M. Döblinger, K. Sanwald, C. Wolff, J. Breimeier, A. Crampton, C. Ridge, M. Tschurl, U. Heiz, F. Jäckel, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nano Letters 12, 5903-5906 (2012)

The Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equations: An introduction

Authors: V. García-Morales and K. Krischer

Areas: 3

Magazine: Contemp. Physics 53, 79 (2012)

Ellipsometric studies of the anodic oxidation of p-type silicon in fluoride containing electrolytes during current oscillations

Authors: I. Miethe and K. Krischer

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Electroanal. Chem. 666, 1 (2012)

In-plane remote photoluminescence excitation of carbon nanotube by propagating surface plasmon

Authors: Padmnabh Rai, Nicolai Hartmann, Johann Berthelot, Gérard Colas-des-Francs, Achim Hartschuh, and Alexandre Bouhelier

Areas: 3

Magazine: Optics Letters 37, 4711 (2012)

Relativistic Brownian motion on a graphene chip

Authors: A. Pototsky, F. Marchesoni, F. V. Kusmartsev, P. Hänggi, and S. E. Savel'ev

Areas: 1

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. B 85, 356 (2012)

Photocurrent of a single photosynthetic protein

Authors: Daniel Gerster, Joachim Reichert, Hai Bi, Johannes V. Barth, Simone M. Kaniber, Alexander W. Holleitner, Iris Visoly-Fisher, Shlomi Sergani & Itai Carmeli

Areas: 2

Magazine: Nature Nanotechnology 7, 673 (2012)

Forbidden band gaps in the spin-wave spectrum of a two-dimensional bicomponent magnonic crystal

Authors: S. Tacchi, G. Duerr, J.W. Klos, M. Madami, S. Neusser , G. Gubbiotti, G. Carlotti, M. Krawczyk, and D. Grundler

Areas: 2

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 137202 (2012)

The State of Nanoparticle-Based Nanoscience and Biotechnology: Progress, Promises, and Challenges

Authors: B. Pelaz, S. Jaber, D. J. de Aberasturi, V. Wulf, T. Aida, J. M. de la Fuente, J. Feldmann, H.E. Gaub, L. Josephson, C. R. Kagan, N. A. Kotov, L. M. Liz-Marzan, H. Mattoussi, P. Mulvaney, C. B. Murray, A. L. Rogach, P. S. Weiss, I. Willner, and W. J.

Areas: 3, 5

Magazine: ACS Nano, 6 (10), pp 8468–8483 (2012)

The Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H) Assay for Direct Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions in Living Cells

Authors: 14. Zolghadr K, Rothbauer U and Leonhardt H

Areas: 5

Magazine: Methods Mol Biol., 812, 275-82, 2012

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