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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Application Form

Application guideline for Ph.D. and PostDoc applications

Submission of the following six, separate documents is essential for processing your application.
Please name the files according to the abbrevations in brackets […]:

1) Application Form [AF]

Please fill in the sheet designated “form” and send back the whole file. This information will help us to process your application more quickly.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure, that you have filled in your bachelor or master's grades respectively. If your certificates do not indicate any grade, please calculate your GPA (grade point average) according to your transcripts of academic records. Simply calculate the GPA as: total amount of grade points / total amount of credit hours.

2) Cover Letter [Cov-Lett]

Contains a personal statement about your background, your motivation and the desired position (pdf format).

3) Curriculum vitae [CV]

In table form, 1-2 pages.
Personal information (name, surname, age, gender, contact details); educational background including passed examinations; research experiences and language skills.
Please also provide names and e-mail adresses of two referees. Referees are people who are willing to testify confidentially on your behalf. A good referee might be the supervisior of your PhD thesis or one of your examiners (pdf format).

4) Academic Records [Acad_Rec]

Photocopies of  Bachelor, Master's or PhD diploma; original and translation (pdf format).
Other records like TOEFL report etc. have to be included into this document.

IMPORTANT: Your grades (e.g. GPA) have to be obvious from your bachelor/masters/PhD documents.

5) Full list of your scientific Publications, if applicable [Pub_List]

(pdf format)

6) Research Proposal 1/2 - 1 page [Res_Prop]

Please draft a short outline about a research project of your interest, that fits to the research field of your designated NIM-group.

Download PhD application form (excel sheet, 220 kB)

Download PostDoc application form (excel sheet, 220 kB)

Send all documents to  jobs(at)nano-initiative-munich.de

If your application can not be accepted by the designated group, we possibly will forward it to other research groups within the Nanosystems Initiative Munich.

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