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Professional Development

Professional Development

The GraduateCenter-LMU and the TUM Graduate School offer tailored training courses for all NIM GP members (not only for those at the respective university).

The LMU Center for Leadership and People Management and the Carl von Linde-Akademie (TUM) offer a professional seminar program (Seminar program LMU, Seminar program TUM).

For other soft skill courses on topics, which are not covered by the above mentioned programs, NIM GP students may get funding via the NIM graduate program. The application form is available for download.


Overview: Trainings and Coachings for young scientists

LMU Weiterbildung - This department offers courses on languages, communication, team work, work techniques, self organization, people management etc. for all university employees.

Sprachraum - "Sprachraum" is part of the Institute for Psycholinguistics of the LMU and focuses on rhetorical, didactical and communicational seminars. They are offering group and personal coachings on all topics concerning language and communication. These coachings are for all career levels (students, graduate students, lecturers etc.), e.g. coaching for disputation, media or vocal training etc.

Profil - The program PROFIL is a qualification program for teaching at the LMU. A five day intensive course offers all essential topics on teaching. A small group (max. 10 participants) with interactive parts and room for experimenting is what characterizes this program. The program is free of charge for all LMU employees.

LMU Graduate Center - The Graduate Center is part of the concept "LMUexcellent". It offers a wide range of consulting service for funding and further qualification (e.g. managing bibliographies with EndNote, job applications in English, softwaretools for scientific work, etc.).

LMU Center for Leadership and People Management - The Center for Leadership and People Management offers a personal development program which is designed for researchers and lecturers at universities. It offers seminars on people management, team work, lecturing and communication.

LMU women's representative - The women's representative offers a wide range of service and seminars for female researchers, e.g. mentoring and consulting on career planning (LMUExtra and LMUPlus, e.g. rhetorical and communicational training, body language, gender didactics etc.).

LMU Further education for leaders and experts - International renowned scientists are informing about the current state of scientific research in nearly all areas like people management, human resources and organizational and personal development, business administration, ethics and society, language and communication as well as international affairs. Key topics also include how to deal with mistakes and strategies for a successful change or conflict management.

LMU health management - The LMU health management offers courses on Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, autogenic training, relaxation, back therapy training, weight reduction etc.

TUM Weiterbildung - This applies both to soft skill enhancement and advanced training for university staff and to the interdisciplinary qualification of undergraduates, doctoral students and PostDocs on the TUM campus. This program covers all topics about personal development, communication, economy, business administration, computer skills and entrepreneurial know-how.

TUM diversity and talent management - This department offers coachings, supervisions, mentoring and trainings basically for female scientists of all levels. They focus on seminars on vocal training, communication, body language, management of work and family, leadership training etc.

UnternehmerTUM - The TUM center for start-ups and innovation offers professional advice and support for founders.

Augsburg University Career Service - The career service of the Augsburg University offers consulting and trainings for individual career planning and group seminars on e.g. communication, business administration, computer skills etc.

German association of university professors and lecturers (Deutscher Hochschulverband) - This association offers seminars and individual training on career planning and appointment procedures for professorships, funding, personal development, people management and scientific writing in English etc.

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