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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Application for NIM GP

Application for membership in NIM GP

In order to become a member of the NIM Graduate Program, you will have to do the following:

1.) Tell your PhD advisor that you want join the NIM GP. (The advisor is your "Doktorvater", the person must have the authorization to supervise PhD theses, usually a professor, not a postdoc.)

2.) Discuss with your advisor who could be a suitable second supervisor. (The second supervisor should also be a NIM member and should become a member of the PhD examination board for your doctoral exam. Therefore the second supervisor should also have the authorization to supervise PhD theses.)

3.) Ask the designated second supervisor and get his consent.

4.) Complete the application form (Initiates file downloaddownload as PDF or as Initiates file downloadWord document).

5.) Sign the application form and let it be signed by your PhD advisor.

6.) Send the form to the NIM manager: Dr. Peter Sonntag, Nanosystems Initiative Munich, Schellingstraße 4, 80799 München, or via fax: 089 2180 5649.

7.) Send a profile picture (JPG, 90 px (w) x 120 px (h), b&w) for the online list of NIM GP members to peter.sonntag(at)lmu.de.

The Executive Committee (EC) of NIM will decide about your application. Upon acceptance or rejection you will get a message. The EC meets at least four times a year.

The membership of new NIM-GP members is regularly limited to one year. The membership will be continued automatically year by year if the NIM-GP student complies with the rules of the graduate program. Those demand amongst other things: regular communication with the first and second advisor, participation in one NIM-GP event per year, willingness for active contribution to the Summer Research Program and Mentoring Program of NIM. Funding for a research visit shall only be granted, if the student has participated in a NIM-GP event by then.

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