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Additional Gender Services of the LMU

Additional Gender Services of the LMU

In addition to the NIM gender activities, the LMU offers its scientists (male and female) the following services:

Childcare for children of LMU employees

The LMU is offering both nursery and kindergarten places at various locations for children of their employees. For information please visit:
http://www.frauenbeauftragte.uni-muenchen.de/kindwiss/index.html (in German only)

Help with the search for childcare places

The ‘pme Familienservice’ is a service which helps with the search for childcare places and can be used by LMU employees as well as guest professors. For more information please visit
http://www.frauenbeauftragte.uni-muenchen.de/kindwiss/index.html (in German only)

LMU Dual Career Service

This service supports partners of newly called professors from within and outside of Germany as well as partners of junior scientists from abroad. Amongst other things it helps with the search for a job in line with their career path and provides information on all aspects of living in Munich:
www.lmu.de/excellent/dualcareer (in German only).

LMU Mentoring

LMUMentoring provides career support for highly qualified, emerging female academics working toward a professorship. To this aim, respected and experienced female professors act as mentors:
http://www.lmu.de/mentoring (in German only).

LMU Women’s Representative

For further gender-specific services please visit the website of the University Women’s Representative:
www.frauenbeauftragte.uni-muenchen.de (in German only)
or frauenbeauftragte(at)lmu.de

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