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Fluorescence Enhancement in Hot Spots of AFM-Designed Gold Nanoparticle Sandwiches

Authors: A. Bek, R. Jansen, M. Ringler, S. Mayilo, T. A. Klar, J. Feldmann

Areas: B

Magazine: Nano Lett. 8, 2, 485 (2008)

Growth mechanisms and optical properties of GaAs-based semiconductor microstructures by selective area epitaxy

Authors: M. Heiß, E. Riedelberg, M. Bichler, G. Abstreiter, A. Fontcuberta i Morral

Areas: B, E

Magazine: Journal of Crystal Growth 310, 6, 1049 (2008)

The nonlinear Fano effect

Authors: M. Kroner, A. O. Govorov, S. Remi, B. Biedermann, S. Seidl, A. Badolato, P. M. Petroff, W. Zhang, R. Barbour, B. D. Gerardot, R. J. Warburton & K. Karrai

Areas: B

Magazine: Nature 451, 311-314 (2008)

Optical pumping of a single hole spin in a quantum dot

Authors: Brian D. Gerardot, Daniel Brunner, Paul A. Dalgarno, Patrik Ohberg, Stefan Seidl, Martin Kroner,

Khaled Karrai, Nick G. Stoltz, Pierre M. Petroff & Richard J. Warburton

Areas: B

Magazine: Nature 451, 441-444 (2008)

Cavity Opto-Mechanics

Authors: Tobias J. Kippenberg and Kerry J. Vahala

Areas: B

Magazine: Optics Express 15, 25, 17172 (2007)

Optical characterization of silicon on insulator photonic crystal nanocavities infiltrated with colloidal PbS quantum dots

Authors: D. F. Dorfner, T. Huerlimann, G. Abstreiter and J. J. Finley

Areas: B

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 233111 (2007)

Electrically probing photonic bandgap phenomena in contacted defect nanocavities

Authors: F. Hofbauer, S. Grimminger, J. Angele, G. Böhm, R. Meyer, M. C. Amann, and J. J. Finley

Areas: B

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 201111 (2007)

Dimensionally constrained D'yakonov–Perel' spin relaxation in n-InGaAs channels: transition from 2D to 1D

Authors: A W Holleitner, V Sih, R C Myers, A C Gossard and D D Awschalom

Areas: A, B

Magazine: New J. Phys. 9, 342 (2007)

Material-Specific Infrared Recognition of Single Sub-10 nm Particles by Substrate-Enhanced Scattering-Type Near-Field Microscopy

Authors: A. Cvitkovic, N. Ocelic, and R. Hillenbrand

Areas: B

Magazine: Nano Lett. 7, 10, 3177 (2007)

Aqueous Synthesis of Thiol-Capped CdTe Nanocrystals: State-of-the-Art

Authors: A. L. Rogach, T. Franzl, T. A. Klar, J. Feldmann, N. Gaponik, V. Lesnyak, A. Shavel, A. Eychmüller, Y. P. Rakovich, J. F. Donegan

Areas: B, E, I

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 40, 14628 (2007)

How Strain Controls Electronic Linewidth in Single /b/-Phase Polyfluorene Nanowires

Authors: E. Da Como, K. Becker, J. Feldmann, J. M. Lupton

Areas: B

Magazine: Nano Lett. 7, 10, 2993 (2007)

Micropatterned Electrostatic Traps for Indirect Excitons in Coupled GaAs Quantum Wells

Authors: A. Gärtner, L. Prechtel, D. Schuh, A. W. Holleitner, and J. P. Kotthaus

Areas: B

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 76, 085304 (2007)

Time Resolved Förster Energy Transfer from Individual Semiconductor Nanoantennae to Single Dye Molecules

Authors: D. Soujon, K. Becker, A. L. Rogach, J. Feldmann, H. Weller, D. V. Talapin, J. M. Lupton

Areas: B, I

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 31, 11511 (2007)

Analytical model for quantitative prediction of material contrasts in scattering-type near-field optical microscopy

Authors: A. Cvitkovic, N. Ocelic and R. Hillenbrand

Areas: B

Magazine: Optics Express 15, 14, 8550 (2007)

Intra- and intertube tunneling transport in ropes of single-walled carbon nanotubes

Authors: K. M. Seemann, J. Ebbecke, A. L. Hörner, A. Wixforth

Areas: A, B, D

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett, 90, 232109 (2007)

Mesoscopic to universal crossover of transmission phase of multi-level quantum dots

Authors: C. Karrasch, T. Hecht, A. Weichselbaum, Y. Oreg, J. von Delft und V. Meden

Areas: B

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 186802 (2007)

Bright white light emission from semiconductor nanocrystals: by chance and by design

Authors: S. Sapra, S. Mayilo, T.A. Klar, A.L. Rogach und J. Feldmann

Areas: B

Magazine: Advanced Materials 19, 569 (2007)

Room temperature exciton storage in elongated semiconductor nanocrystals

Authors: R. M. Kraus, P. G. Lagoudakis, A. L. Rogach, D. V. Talapin, H. Weller, J. M. Lupton, J. Feldmann

Areas: B, I

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 017401 (2007)

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