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Aperiodic CrSc multilayer mirrors for attosecond water window pulses

Authors: A. Guggenmos, R. Rauhut, M. Hofstetter, S. Hertrich, B. Nickel, J. Schmidt, E. M. Gullikson, M. Seibald, W. Schnick, U. Kleineberg,

Areas: 3

Magazine: Optics Express 21, 21728 (2013)

Broadband multilayer mirror and diffractive optics for attosecond pulse shaping in the 280-500 eV photon energy range

Authors: A. Guggenmos, M. Hofstetter, R. Rauhut, C. Späth, S. Hertrich, B. Nickel, S. Yang, E. M. Gullikson, J. Schmidt, M. Seibald, W. Schnick, F. Krausz, U. Kleineberg

Areas: 3

Magazine: EPJ Web of Conferences 41, 01011 (2013)

Asymmetric distribution of anionic phospholipids in supported lipid bilayers

Authors: S. Stanglmaier, S. Hertrich, K. Fritz, JF. Moulin, M. Haese-Seiller, J. Rädler, B. Nickel

Areas: 3, 4, 5

Magazine: Langmuir 28 10818 (2012)

Ru(TAP)32+ uses multivalent binding to accelerate and constrain photo-adduct formation on DNA

Authors: Willem Vanderlinden, Pauline J. Kolbeck, Wout Frederickx, Sebastian F. Konrad, Thomas Nicolaus, Carola Lampe, Alexander S. Urban, Cécile Moucheronc, and Jan Lipfert

Areas: 4

Magazine: Chem. Commun. 55(60):8764-8767 (2019)

Halliday Physik (book review, in German)

Authors: Jan Lipfert

Areas: 4

Magazine: Physik in unserer Zeit 50:48 (2019)

Free Energy Landscape and Dynamics of Supercoiled DNA by High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy

Authors: Tine Brouns, Herlinde De Keersmaecker, Sebastian Konrad, Noriyuki Kodera, Toshio Ando, Jan Lipfert*, Steven De Feyter*, Willem Vanderlinden*

Areas: 4

Magazine: ACS Nano 12:11907−11916 (2018)

Quantifying the influence of the ion cloud on SAXS profiles of charged proteins

Authors: Miloš T. Ivanović, Linda K. Bruetzel, Roman Shevchuk, Jan Lipfert, and Jochen S. Hub

Areas: 4

Magazine: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 20(41):26351-26361 (2018)

Dynamics and Energy Landscape of DNA Plectoneme Nucleation

Authors: Philipp U. Walker, Willem Vanderlinden, and Jan Lipfert

Areas: 4

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 0424121-13 (2018)

Gold Nanocrystal Labels Provide a Sequence-to-3D Structure Map in SAXS Reconstructions

Authors: Thomas Zettl, Rebecca S. Mathew, Xuesong Shi, Sebastian Doniach, Daniel Herschlag, Pehr A.B. Harbury, Jan Lipfert

Areas: 4

Magazine: Science Advances 4:eaar4418 (2018)

Recording and Analyzing Nucleic Acid Distance Distributions with X-ray Scattering Interferometry (XSI)

Authors: Thomas Zettl, Rhiju Das, Pehr A.B. Harbury*, Daniel Herschlag*, Jan Lipfert*, Rebecca S. Mathew, Xuesong Shi

Areas: 4

Magazine: Current Protocols e54 (2018)

Measuring Single-Molecule Twist and Torque in Multiplexed Magnetic Tweezers

Authors: Franziska Kriegel, Willem Vanderlinden, Thomas Nicolaus, Angelika Kardinal, and Jan Lipfert

Areas: 4

Magazine: Methods Mol. Biol. 1814:75-98 (2018)

Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Reveals Millisecond Transitions of a DNA Origami Switch

Authors: Linda K. Bruetzel, Philipp Walker, Thomas Gerling, Hendrik Dietz, and Jan Lipfert

Areas: 4

Magazine: Nano Letters 18:2672-2676 (2018)

Quantifying the Precision of Single-Molecule Torque and Twist Measurements Using Allan Variance

Authors: Maarten M. van Oene†, Seungkyu Ha†, Tessa Jager, Mina Lee, Francesco Pedaci, Jan Lipfert*, and Nynke H. Dekker*

Areas: 4

Magazine: Biophys. J. 114:1970–1979 (2018)

Temperature-dependent atomic models of detergent micelles refined against small-angle X-ray scattering data

Authors: Miloš T. Ivanović, Linda K. Bruetzel, Jan Lipfert*, and Jochen S. Hub*

Areas: 4

Magazine: Angewandte Chemie 57 (2018)

Structural architecture of the nucleosome remodeler ISWI determined from cross-linking, mass spectrometry, SAXS and modeling

Authors: Nadine Harrer†, Christina E.M. Schindler†, Linda K. Bruetzel, Ignasi Forné, Johanna Ludwigsen, Axel Imhof, Martin Zacharias, Jan Lipfert*, Felix Mueller-Planitz*

Areas: 4

Magazine: Structure 26:1-13 (2018)

Stretching and heating single DNA molecules with optically trapped gold-silica Janus particles

Authors: Sabrina Simoncelli*, Samuel Johnson, Franziska Kriegel, Jan Lipfert*, and Jochen Feldmann

Areas: 4

Magazine: ACS Photonics 4:2843–2851

Twist-Bend Coupling and the Torsional Response of Double-Stranded DNA

Authors: Stefanos K. Nomidis, Franziska Kriegel, Willem Vanderlinden, Jan Lipfert, and Enrico Carlon

Areas: 4

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 118:2178011-6 (2017)

Quantitative Evaluation of Statistical Errors in Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Measurements

Authors: Steffen M. Sedlak, Linda K. Bruetzel, and Jan Lipfert

Areas: 4

Magazine: J. Appl.Cryst. 50:621–630 (2017)

Applying torque to the Escherichia coli flagellar motor using magnetic tweezers

Authors: Maarten M. van Oene, Laura E. Dickinson, Bronwen Cross, Francesco Pedaci, Jan Lipfert, and Nynke H. Dekker

Areas: 4

Magazine: Scientific Reports 7:43285 (2017)

DNA Origami Templated Silica Growth by Sol‐gel Chemistry

Authors: L. Nguyen, M. Döblinger, T. Liedl A. Heuer-Jungemann

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58, 3, 2018

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