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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Publications 2010

Publications supported by NIM 2010

On-Chip Interferometric Detection of Nanomechanical Motion

Authors: Quirin P. Unterreithmeier, Thomas Faust, Stephan Manus and Jrg P. Kotthaus

Areas: D

Magazine: Nano Lett. 10, 3, 887 (2010)

Theoretical Analysis of Mechanical Displacement Measurement Using a Multiple Cavity Mode Transducer

Authors: J.M. Dobrindt and T.J. Kippenberg

Areas: D

Magazine: Physical Review Letters 104, 033901 (2010)

Magnetic normal modes in squared antidot array with circular holes: a combined Brillouin light scattering and broadband ferromagnetic resonance study

Authors: Silvia Tacchi, Marco Madami, Gianluca Gubbiotti, Giovanni Carlotti, Adekunle O. Adeyeye, Sebastian Neusser, Bernhard Botters and Dirk Grundler

Areas: D

Magazine: IEEE Trans. on Magn. 46, 172 (2010)

Examples of Quantum Dynamics in Optomechanical Systems

Authors: Max Ludwig, Georg Heinrich and F. Marquardt

Areas: D

Magazine: Proceedings of QuantumComm 2009, Naples, Italy (Springer 2010)

Photon shuttle: Landau-Zener-Stückelberg dynamics in an optomechanical system

Authors: Georg Heinrich, J. G. E. Harris, and Florian Marquardt

Areas: D

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A 81, 011801(R) (2010)

Covalently Binding the Photosystem I to Carbon Nanotubes

Authors: S. Kaniber, L. Frolov, F.C. Simmel, A.W. Holleitner, C. Carmeli, I. Carmeli

Areas: D

Magazine: AIP Conf. Proc. 1199, 133 (2010)

Octave Spanning Frequency Comb on a Chip

Authors: P. Del'Haye, T. Herr, E. Gavartin, R. Holzwarth, and T. J. Kippenberg

Areas: D

Magazine: arXiv:0912.4890v1 [physics.optics] (2010)

Microresonators: Particle sizing by mode splitting

Authors: Tobias J. Kippenberg

Areas: D

Magazine: Nature Photonics 4, 9 - 10 (2010)

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